Certified HeatShield® Installers in Fairfield and New Haven, CT

Revitalize Your Chimney with HeatShield®

Boosts Performance

Seals gaps and cracks to improve your chimney's efficiency and functionality.

Enhances Safety

Restores your chimney's structural integrity, eliminating potential fire and gas hazards.

Eco-Friendly Solution

A green and cost-effective alternative to chimney rebuilds or extensive repairs.

Restoring Your Chimney's Integrity with HeatShield®

HeatShield® is an innovative solution designed to repair and restore the flue liner within your chimney, ensuring it safely vents out hazardous gases from your home. Our certified HeatShield® installation process involves a detailed assessment of your chimney’s condition, addressing any issues such as cracked flue tiles, gaps between tiles, or spalling. Certified Chimney, serving Fairfield and New Haven, CT, uses HeatShield®’s Cerfractory® technology to seal these defects, thus reinstating your chimney’s safety and efficiency. This procedure not only secures your home against potential risks but also enhances your chimney’s operation without the need for invasive repairs.

Why HeatShield® is Essential for Your Chimney

Choosing HeatShield® for your chimney repair needs offers significant advantages:

  • Ensures your chimney efficiently vents out smoke and harmful gases, preventing indoor pollution.
  • Avoids the higher costs and environmental impact associated with chimney rebuilds.
  • Increases your chimney’s lifespan and reduces the need for frequent repairs.

Ready for the Certified Touch?

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Your Premier HeatShield® Provider in Fairfield and New Haven, CT

Opting for Certified Chimney means entrusting your chimney’s restoration to skilled professionals who prioritize safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Our team is specially trained in the HeatShield® system, combining extensive experience with state-of-the-art technology to deliver superior service. By selecting Certified Chimney, you benefit from a detailed, effective solution tailored to address and resolve your chimney’s specific issues.
HeatShield® Chimney New Haven County, CT

Ready to Revitalize Your Chimney?

Don’t let hidden chimney defects compromise your home’s safety and air quality. Choose Certified Chimney’s HeatShield® restoration services for a safer, more efficient chimney system. Contact us today to schedule your service in Fairfield and New Haven, CT, and experience the difference with HeatShield®.
HeatShield® Chimney New Haven County, CT


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